Ànima Bar Experience

Ànima is a Catalan word used to describe soul. Ànima gastronomy is really soul and feeling, therefore called Ànima Bar.

A experience in Ànima Bar is healthy for your body and soul. You can taste mediterranean gastronomy from breakfast to dinner, cross Pintxos, Sandwiches, Tapas, Dishes, Wines and Cavas. Kitchen non stop.

Ànima Bar Experience concepted by Xef Sol.

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When you go to breakfast or brunch, coffees are well made, well presented, good aromatic coffee and whole milk with all the flavor, pastries are incredible french style, made with butter and a good size, a wide variety of sandwiches with appropiated bread to each item, they have six different types of bread. Both sandwich or half sandwich or as pintxos to catch yourself may find. Homemade cakes are scandalous.

If you think your experience is unsurpassed morning is best but with vermouth, the Ànima Vermouth is spectacular, it is served in a ironing table with potato chips made in the Anima with a tin with mussels, olives, oil and a red vermouth very special in a right glass, is La Monda from Tarragona, perfect for it. Ànima Vermouth is amazing.

Do not want to go, the atmosphere and the service is friendly, helpful, attentive, familiar.

Stay for lunch or dinner is an obligation, that way you will achieve Xef Sol convey what is a gastronomic journey in the Anima and so the experience is completed, you will want to repeat. The tapas and dishes on the menu vary daily, recommendations are always the chef himself, which is in the market, salads, rice, vegetables, seafood, meats, all in your point and preferably grilled. Each dish has its wine or cava, types and origins and different denominations personally selected, let yourself go. The desserts are homemade.


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