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Anima is a Catalan word used to describe soul. Anima gastronomy is really soul and feeling, therefore called Anima Bar.

Xef Sol give a part of his soul in Ànima’s Products made with fresh ingredients, locals, seasonals, sought in the daily market. Ingredients packaged are premium brands. The result is a kitchen full of sensations that starts by sight, smell and taste with a rich mixture and smooth texture that only those who know how to apply understood kitchen. Sanwiches and Tapas and Dishes are served with a kind of bread for a perfect experience,there are Six Kinds of Bread. There is a very especial wines and cavas selection to mix with each beat or dish, let’s yourself go. That master touch is evident in what you drink as what you eat, and Xef Sol combine this integral concept served in the Anima.

Xef Sol recommends you what you can eat and drink for each time, but kitchen non stop, so you can get all you need all day long:

Rich Coffee, Teas, Hot Chocolat, Natural Juices, French Butter Pastries, Homemade Cakes, Sandwiches, Middle Sandwiches, Pintxos.

Mussels, Common Cockles, Cantabric Anchovies, Salted Anchovies, Olives, Homemade Chips, Ànima Mixed.

Cantabric Anchovies, Ànima’s Potatoes, Calamaries, Chorizo with Cider, Ànima’s Croquette, Russian Salad, Padron’s Peppers, Red Pepper with Fried Egg, Iberian Ham with Coca’s Bread, Cabrales Cheese, Zamorano Cheese, Iberian Assortment with Coca’s Bread.

Mix Salad with Fruits Sauted, Goat Cheese, Strawberry Jam and Modena’s Cream.
Fresh Salad with Cherry Tomatoes, Kumato, Raf, Spring Onion and Virgin Olive Oil.
Mozzarella, Tomato, Rucula and Modena’s Cream.
Romana Salad with Roast Chicken, Cantabric Anchovies, Parmesan Cheese and Caesar Sauce.

Scrambled Egss, Chips and Blood Sausage.
Beef Hamburguer (200gr) with Caramelized Onion, Cheese, Salad, Tomato, Fried Egg, Iberian Bacon and Homemade Chips.
Tataky of Beef Steak with Ginger Japanese Sauce.
Carpaccio of Beef with Truffle’s Vinaigrette and Parmesan Cheese.
Rack with Brown Sauce.
Three Mini Beef Burgers (35gr) with Mustard, Caramelized Onion served with Chips.

Tataki of Tuna with White and Black Sesame served with Sauteed Vegetables in Soya and Alga’s Bread.
Cod with Caramelized Onion in Red Wine and Raisins.
Galician Octopus with Crispy of Cabagge and Potato.

Timbale of Sauteed vegetables and Sesame’s Oil, Soya, Whole Rice and Flowers.
Vegan Burger with Tomato, Salad, Caramelized Onion and Hummus served with our Homemade Chips.

Ask about Homemade Desserts and don’t forget to taste Cakes with a Rich Coffee.

Ànima Bar Breakfast Menu

Ànima Bar Food Menu

Ànima Bar Wines and Cavas Menu

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La Carta de Desayuno del Ànima Bar

La Carta de Comida del Ànima Bar

La Carta de Vinos y Cavas del Ànima Bar

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If you want to know our chef and speak with him directly, here is Xef Sol Official Facebook Page. Enjoy Ànima Bar!.

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